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E-book reader with clean interface and reader-friendly features

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Google Play Books is an app that functions like an e-reader to let you read all your favorite titles on your phone. If you love reading but don't want to carry a tablet or e-reader with you, this app is great because it lets you access any books saved on your Google account.

No matter what screen you read on, you can use this app to adjust that screen to see better. You can change the default page size, adjust the way the words appear on the page and change the direction of those pages. It has a save setting that will remember the last page you read. When you open that book later, it returns you to the spot where you left off.

When you first open the app and click on a book, it will fit the current page to the size of the screen. You can zoom in on a section of the page with just two taps of your fingers, but the app lets you change how you want to zoom too. If you see a word that you don't know, you can click on it to bring up a dictionary that shows you its meaning. The app will also search for geographic names to help you locate a city, state or country mentioned in a book.

As phones often lack the storage available on e-readers, Google designed this app to store all your books in the cloud. You can download a copy to your phone and then move it back into the cloud. This significantly reduces the space on your phone dedicated to those books. You can view all the books in your library and check out those you most recently downloaded too. Clicking on any title lets you view information about the book, stop the download or remove the title from your library.

Google Play Books does not provide you with access to the newsstand though, which means that you cannot use the app to look for magazines or newspapers. Though it does let you search for books that you want to read, you cannot buy those books through the app. You'll need to leave the app, visit the Google Play store, buy a copy and return to the app to download that book to your library. If you want a simple way to keep track of your digital books and have a Google account, this is one of the best apps.


  • Stores all books in the cloud to help you save on storage space
  • Has a slider that lets you scroll through all the books you have
  • Can click on words to find out their meanings
  • Will search for locations mentioned in titles
  • Is a clean and easy to use app


  • Requires that you leave the app to buy books
  • Does not include magazines or newspapers
  • Does not let you organize your books

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